Languages of the world


Languages of the world

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Languages of the world 71810

How many will die out completely — and how many will survive for centuries yet? Kus Dili (Bird Language) Who speaks it: This unusual language is spoken only in the small Turkish village of Kusköy

With modernization, a third of these languages face the risk of extinction

Roughly half of the worlds languages are moribund, in the sense that new generations of children are not being raised to speak them

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The official languages of Spain include Spanish, incorrectly named for it should be Castellan (Castellano); Catalan; Basque; Galician and also Tenerifan, spoken in Tenerife

Questions and answers : The BBC’s language page has some interesting questions and answers to get discussion flowing, as does the Max Planck

The Ethnologue Name Index lists over 39,000 language, dialect, and alternate names

Aug 01, 2017 · English is the official language of 59 sovereign countries, making it the most popular official language in the world

Some groups, like the Veps, have been largely acculturated by the Russians, but have left an indelible mark on

It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive source of information of its kind

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