Saudi eid holidays

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Saudi eid holidays

Saudi Arabia has conducted 3 million PCR tests since virus outbreak; By ASEEL BASHRAHEEL · 24 July 2020

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Jun 24, 2020 · Eid-ul-Adha Holidays for banking and remittances centers announced by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)

Eid Al Fitr

Jun 11, 2021 · Public holidays in Saudi Arabia during 2022 Tuesday, 3 May (Tuesday): Eid al-Fitr 4–6 May (Wednesday through Friday): Eid al-Fitr holiday 9 July (Saturday): Arafat Day 10 July (Sunday): Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) 11–12 July (Monday through Tuesday): Eid al-Adha holiday 22 September (Thursday):

Private Sector Eid Holidays 2020: 4 Days Public Sector Eid Holidays 2020: 16 Days The Eid Ul Fitr holidays for private sector will be from 23 rd May 2020 till 26 th of May 2020

The Private Sector will be having 4 Days off

Combining the break with a two-day weekend will make it a six-day break in Saudi Arabia

A committee to spot the new crescent moon to confirm the start of Shawwal and the Eid will convene on Tuesday, May 11th

For the private sector, the holiday will begin on May 12 and end on May 15

School Holidays

The ministry earlier this month denied rumours of another lockdown but warned that authorities would remain vigilant

It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed

We can provide holiday data for the Saudi Stock Exchange for all years from 2016 to 2023

The date is subject to change depending on the sighting of the moon of Dhul Hijjah, 1442

Eid Ul Adha Holidays for Government Employees

National holidays include Day of Mourning for King Abdullah; Eid al-Fitr; Saudi National Day; Feast of Sacrifice and Eid al-Adha

May 13, 2021 · Eid ul Adha is the second of Saudi Eid holidays as it comes immediately after Hajj season where Muslims tend to have special rituals like sacrificing animals to feed the poor and those in need

Employees of the private sector will enjoy a 4-day holiday starting from the end of the working day of 29th July to 2nd August

Saudi Arabia records 2,429 new COVID-19 cases, 5,524