Truncated meaning

Truncated means shortened, as if having had a portion cut off

Truncated meaning


Truncated meaning 33567

(of a cone, pyramid, prism, etc) having an apex or end removed by a plane intersection that is usually nonparallel to the base

The definition of truncated is cut short

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Synonyms : cut short

(adj) terminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off

Mula sa KHK, ito’y mistulang balisungsong na pinutol, at mula naman sa TK ay pabilog ito

“I like reading more than Diane [does]”

More example sentences

Unlike the DELETE command, TRUNCATE command does not contain a WHERE clause

round down (or take the floor, or round towards minus infinity): q is the largest integer that does not exceed y


A clonal disorder characterized by the secretion of a truncated gamma chain

Usually, DDL statements are CREATE, ALTER, or DROP, but TRUNCATE serves a particular purpose, that of quot;resetttingquot; a table by remov

= If µ*0 and the truncation is from below –i

You can truncate something by removing the beginning of it, the end of it, the top of it, or another part of it

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Truncated Data

to make something shorter or quicker, especially by removing the end of it: 2

The Whitworth screw thread form is sometimes modified by cutting off the radius and replacing it with a flat, basically shortening the screw thread form

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