But estate planning goes beyond your possessions: it is the


It is the sum of a persons assets – legal rights, interests and entitlements to property of any kind – less all liabilities at that time

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Before filing Form 1041, you will need to obtain a tax ID number for the estate

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The estate is used to repay all of the persons outstanding debt


The Estates, representative bodies of the estates of the realm Estates General, a supra-regional gathering of representatives of the estates of the realm a piece of landed property, especially one of large extent with an elaborate house on it: to have an estate in the country

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A trust is traditionally used for minimizing estate taxes and can offer other benefits as part of a well-crafted estate plan

estate noun (PROPERTY) B2 [ C ] a large area of land in the country that is owned by a family or an organization and is often used for growing crops or raising animals: Its a typical country estate with a large house for the owner, farm buildings, and estate workers houses

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While an estate refers mostly to land and a house on it, it can also refer to all of a person’s possessions — and this sense of the word is often used after someone has died to refer to everything they are leaving behind

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